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Lingam Massage Lanzarote

It’s a massage type done by professional Tantra male or female massage therapist.

Lingam Massage Playa Blanca Lanzarote can be done by a male or female specialist. Please let us know if you have the preference. Otherwise, you will get Lingam Massage from either man or woman therapist.

A Lingam massage must always be a part of a Tantric massage. Therefore, it’s not a separate massage.

You will never get a Lingam massage on its own (if the practitioner knows anything about a man).

A Tantric massage is a whole experience – a progressive journey through your whole sexual body and different stages of sexual energy.

The Lingam massage is a part of this experience. Where we focus on private areas specifically. For example, you could receive 1.5 hours of Tantric massage, of which the last 30 minutes will be the Lingam massage.

You don’t simply receive a positive effect from the Lingam massage session. You also learn how to create this greater experience consistently in sex with your partners.